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About us

We are a flexible webdesign, online marketing and e-commerce company, offering modern, commercial appealing, cross device web solutions and strategies at a fair price.

Making your online business Remarkable with a sense of Accountability in a Worldwide available context, is where my service desk stands for. 

  Our aim

'Never ending IT stories', we do not sell.

Instead, we offer you 'growing solutions' where your budget is kept in focus throughout the maturity process of our offered web solution.

No surprises! Just crystal clear component based pricing offers from which you decide what to implement by when.

  Our values

'A good design is like a good joke'

If you need to explain it, there's nothing to feel thrilled about.

Our diversified and up-to-date skills prevent you from feeling disappointed after that maybe good started, yet bad ending joke. Because we do not only TAKE care, but also DO care about your e-commerce solution.

  (Y)ours ?

We strongly believe a good e-commerce solution or website with quality content can be established with close cooperation.
To gain important knowledge of your business processes, which will interact closely with your future e-commerce solution, we offer you the possibility to have us working at your desk. Especially during prestudy and visual design phases, we are convinced we can offer you more value and increased usability in your final integrated websolution.

Our video commercial at the touch of your finger ?


We offer clean, straightforward, modern web solutions, as well as graphic design, copywriting, videography, 360 tours or photography work for your business purposes.
  Responsive Adaptive Webdesign
Mobility has become a necessity in our daily business activities. Offering 1 solution for every device is not our mission. We'll guarantee your ROI will increase with our R.A.W approach.

 Responsive design

Our responsive design and page mockup will bring your website and e-business within everybody's reach, with attractive, readable and well structured content.

In this track, we will also inventorize page content and actions that can be excluded / included on certain devices.

 Adaptive design

Adaptive design offers you the possibility to have your content defined  based on your customer's profile, web- and conversion behaviour.
In this track, we will look at sales statistics and data intelligence opportunities within your organization, define a conversion strategy and translate it in the final user interface.

  Persuasive design

    Hidden persuasion

    Have you ever wondered why you always leave the supermarket with more purchases then initially intended desires ?
    No ? Well you can keep it that way, because we will enroll your online persuasion strategy without your customers even noticing !
    Find out below some of our applied methods and media.

 Graphical elements

The mind is no match with the heart in persuasion
~ Everett Dirksen

Surfing our high speed internet (LAN, Wifi, 4G,..)  allows us all to seek very quickly what we want and compare it with competitive (re)sellers.

One of the biggest challenges in this faster growing digitalized society will be winning the heart of your customer.
Unfortunately, technology is not working in favour of our (emotional) heart, rather our (rational) mind.
The art of selling will be even more then before digitalization, the art of persuasive design.

Grabbing the attention of your potential customer almost instantly during his buying journey, will be the first key to successful e-business.
We know how to grab your customer's attention, by applying basic ancient persuasive instincts to our graphic designs.

Smelling your pizza through Google Glass is yet not in our scope ;)

 copywriting & typesetting

In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.

The second keystone in your customer's buying journey is storytelling.
Your kids love it before tucking into bed. You still like it too... but our adult mind is forcing us to behave otherwise, just like your neighbour, friend, brother or sister. Our mind tells us to follow the herd, because it feels safe.

Walking constantly through life feeling safe, makes you only purchase safe products to provide in your daily necessities.
To sell more, you need to tickle your customer's emotions in order to have his heart make that impulsive purchase.

We can make the difference with persuasive copywriting and telling your story in your website's content.
All this  by applying the appropriate typesettings matching your style and image.



The importance of high quality imagery related to your website's content is very often underestimated.
The attraction of an appealing photograph can convince your visitor to stay on your website a while longer, leading him or her to your eventual sales target. 

Good photography also highlights your professionalism, greatly enhances the look of your site, and improves your own credibility.

With 3 years of experience in both new photography work as retouching existing materials, we can deliver you those exquisite colourful tones matching your brand and overall graphical look.

 Brand identity & media styling

If you are starting with a new business or looking to restyle your professional identity, we can support you with the following imagery services :

  • logo design
  • paperwork design (letters, flyers, envelopes, posters, business cards)
  • shopwindow adhesive or one-way-vision film design


Video is too expensive ! Too complicated ! My product or service is not suitable for video marketing!

Nonsense! We'll give you 5 reasons to start now with online video marketing right now :

  • Video is hot and trendy.
    Over 70% of all marketeers are investing in video marketing in the upcoming years. Are you allowing your competitors to outperform you in online sales conversion ?
  • Every product, service or idea can be sold by recording it.
    Products can be presented, services demonstrated and ideas illustrated using animated infographics.
  • Video improves your SEO significantly.
    Having your website enriched with quality video, tweaked with the necessary parameters, you will  be listed on Google's front page in no time.
    An advantageous side-effect of being 'video-findable' is the fact you are participating in active rather then passive merchandising. How many times did you zapped away (passive) commercials during a movie break, honestly ?
  • Video is not expensive.
    Technologic evolution (increased bandwidth and playback aware devices) allowed us to bring your commercial video even closer then ever before, at a price being 1/3th of the same investment 5 years ago.
    Contact us for more pricing and global discount details!
  • Video marketing is effective.
    Human beings are visual sensitive creatures. Therefore, video is the ultimate step stone to lead a potential customer through your front door.

  Search engine marketing (SEM)

    Where are you ?

    Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of being present on the web as a part in their identity.
    Not all of them are aware the path leading to their website is a mysterie for 80% of the people looking for entrepreneurs like you.
    Unless you invest in a balanced SEO & SEA strategy, the same 80% remains unaware of your existance.
    Wouldn't you rather not see those people getting lost in your competition's neighborhood ?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results.


We can help you :

  • achieve a better visibility through higher ranking
  • increase your click through rate (CTR) with persuasive copywriting
  • optimize your site structure visibility (site links below your search link)
  • getting you on google maps and Tom Tom's atlas
  • gain visibility through image and video search


In Internet Marketing, Search Advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on Web pages that show results from search engine queries.


We can help you :

  • define a keyword strategy based on local comperatative competition research
  • work out an optimal Google Adwords campaign
  • follow-up your click-through rates and conversion results
  • tweak your Adwords campaign for improved results
  Web analysis & conversion optimization

    Google analytics

    With the Google Analytics platform, we  are able to provide you a basic yet thorough reporting system, showing you your website's visitors statistics. Included are :

    • Demographic spread (age, gender, ...)
    • Page visits and total time of page views
    • Landing page ranking and bounce rates
    • Visitor's origin (Google or others)
    • Form submit statistics

    We can also set up customized statistics, for example : How many times did my visitors click on "Add to cart" or "Calculate price discount" ?


    Conversion optimization

    Your site is not converting very well ? You believe there's more potential in your online sales, because your competitor is doing just fine ?

    We can open the hood from your online sales engine and start looking for leaks, outdated but replaceable parts, avoidable bypasses, malformed tubes. Hence, maybe the whole engine needs to be redesigned !

    Whatever your budget allows us to do, we can improve your website and it's online sales target.
    Our proposition allows you to take it step by step if necessary.



In our business to consumer e-commerce solution, we can offer you a fully manageable webshop allowing you to sell your products and/or services directly to your website and -shop visitors.

Thanks to close integration with your website, we can assure you the best ranking in the most common search engines like Google and Bing. This integration also makes your shop easier to manage at a lower maintenance cost and of course more pleasant to visit for your customers.

List of offered features :

  • out of the box mobilefriendliness
  • integrated invoicing & tax reporting
  • stock management on your product catalog
  • bulk updates (pricing, stock, ...)
  • shipping integration with common delivery services (UPS, DPD, DHL, FedEx, ...)
  • secure payment processing
  • analytic reporting and conversion optimazation


In our business to business e-commerce solution, beside our B2C features, we can provide the ability to have your webshop accessible through a dedicated login. Your business partners will have access to a customized account and webshop defined by the rules you point us out.

List of offered extra features :

  • B2B product pricing
  • dedicated shipping arrangements
  • dedicated stock management
  • afterpay arrangements


Chris Bartholomevis
Chris Bartholomevis

-Chairman TC Zelem

Dikke merci voor de invulling en de professionaliteit! Alles mooi op tijd, nog wat details en verdere opvolging. 
Many thanks!!


Customized pricing offer request

You might still have many questions about the direction you want to go with your e-commerce solution. Not only you as the executive business founder but also your co-workers or employees.

To give us an idea about your preferred solution and in the mean time offer you the possibility to receive a preliminary price estimation of this solution, we have prepared a questionnaire for you. This questionnaire will guide you through the most relevant options we can offer you.

Just fill in the form and send it over to us. We'll answer your request with a detailed pricing offer within the next 3 working days !