Berbroek, June 2015.

My first big e-commerce project is the website of Castabo, an exhibition stand project management company seated in Berbroek, Herk-de-Stad.
Current website was developed in Flash, a fat client presentation layer not designed to cope with the upcoming mobile devices.

Functionalities and features requested by this client  : 

  • Commercial attractive multilingual frontend website
  • Summary of the companies activities, specialities, references and promotions in one homepage
  • Frontpage slider with product & service imagery and copywriting
  • Strong binding between specialities and reference portfolio through portfolio/speciality classifications (see video presentation below)
  • Backend webshop for dedicated clients :
    - management of exhibition stand panels, counters, lighting & accessoires (dedicated product catalog)
    - integration with product catalog for public clients
    - webshop encapsulated stand order registration and price calculation
    - customized cart checkout with cart content sorting features
    - separated pricing and discount component (adaptive design requirement) 
  • Public webshop for sales and rental products
  • Joint venture with Audioworks Aarschot for sound and lighting rentals
  • Product & portfolio photography

During the months november and december we worked intensely together at Castabo's office and on location to gather essential knowlegde of their business processes.

Update 20/05/2017 : This site is no longer maintained by us and representable for our webdesign and -development activities in 2015 & 2016. 

Please visit our demo site as released by us in April, 2016 by visiting the link below.

Website link :

January 1, 2015