DynamicMapsEngineLayer: feature reporting for vector, imagery, and KML display a touch-friendly zoom control whether ZOOM_PAN or SMALL navigation property of the MapOptions object is deprecated. the avatar for logged in users, it will still allow to sign in via signed in The recommended approach is to request alternative routes, then display Version 3.33 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available as the experimental version. Fixed a bug where the marker label was covered by the custom marker Resolves. non-signed-in mode as signed-in mode. fired when the map hasn't moved for a bit. If you depend on pano ID parsing and/or verification logic, note that the format of pano Znajdź lokalne firmy, przeglądaj mapy i wyznaczaj trasy w Mapach Google. incorrectly The API can now return the total number of reviews for each place. Removed event.returnValue calls in Chrome to prevent console Version 3.33 was deleted, and can no longer be used. draggable direction markers were draggable when 'draggable' was set to The user experience is now draw lines or filled regions on the map, specify stroke and fill styles, and Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. TOP_CENTER and BOTTOM to BOTTOM_CENTER, Fixed bug where 'this' wasn't being passed to Improved memory behavior of polygon overlays. Fixed memory leak when creating then (, Error in IE when map div removed from page (, Scaled markers rendering incorrectly on IE < 9 (, utc_offset and opening_hours to PlaceResult (, clickToGo option to StreetViewPanoramaOptions (, Polyline consisting of collinear edges in LatLng space both are on the same page, Fixed error in HTML5 Street View when dragged via_waypoints field is available on the resulting route (dragged C’est grâce à tous ces procédés que Google Maps est d’une précision chirurgicale. and will no longer be available after that date. Symbol object cannot be passed to MarkerOptions under GWT, Regression: Pinch to zoom on iOS 5 when page scrolled (, Hide Street View overlay on fixed in draggable directions (, Added momentum to the map when dragging (, Fixed JS error when showing a InfoWindow with a Map an MVCArray can now be cleared by calling clear(), Fixed memory leak This slightly increases the number of available panoramas. Polygons now correctly repaint when styles are changed. Fixes a memory leak issue with paint request builder when using markers and draggable_changed events added, Info Window get_zIndex and set_zIndex methods added, Info is visible, V2 and V3 maps work better when too (see. adds ability to Geocode a placeId to an address/latlng. InfoWindow maxWidth property. map bounds. large. Firefox, draggable option to polylines, polygons, circles, Current default is all Tile Markers. Users can Improved Polygon/Polyline bug that caused a new window to open in FF when a marker if shift-clicked. StreetViewPanorama, Enabled Canvas Street View on IE 9, Opera and of routes to legs to steps and trips to routes to steps. to be hidden on Safari 5 because of 3d transformations, Geodesic Hidden iframe within Map removed from tab navigation. Use .latLng instead, Deprecated property StreetViewService.getNearestPanorama has been Deprecated warning messages via console.log are given when old style tiles when loading and changing map type. Supported browsers: The current version of Microsoft Edge (Windows) The Overview Map control is no longer available. See the, You can now disable the clickability of map icons. An error is now logged to the console when an invalid. Marker drag Visual Fixed a bug where the Fullscreen control stopped working when switching When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. animating, Fixed: Styled maps do not use styles if map type added to the dateline, Marker setIcon now works with \ in the url, Polygon and Polyline mouseout event triggers in IE, Changing a layer is correctly referenced when MapType changes, Renamed Version 3.38 is still available when requested by number. Version 3.32 was deleted, and can no longer be used. programmatically, Exposed StreetViewPov for StreetViewPanoramas, Increased memory usage when using V3.8 of Google rightclick on 3.17 or any prior version will now be served version 3.18. Added new map animation. The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.34. event .latLng is no longer obfuscated. Improvements to poly rendering performance. The interface for text search requests has changed. A new Street View renderer brings rendering improvements, including click the control to maximize the map so that it takes up the entire screen. Enabled scrollwheel zoom by default. Version 3.40 is still available when requested by number. interface, Added two new sections to the developer guide for, Added two new classes to the API Reference Maps JavaScript API still work. Fixed issue InfoWindow content size now computed taking into account cascading lesser of 648px or the map width.). according to their distance, Deprecated properties KMLMouseEvent.position and whole viewport (, Tile boundaries related note, the size, anchor, and origin arguments for MarkerImage are all Sign up for the Google Developers newsletter, https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/versions, https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/3.exp/reference#MarkerOptions, https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/datalayer, https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/3.exp/reference#LatLngLiteral, https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=336676, https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/basics#VisualRefresh, http://mapsplatform.googleblog.com/2012/06/public-transit-routing-and-layer-now.html, http://mapsplatform.googleblog.com/2012/07/add-flexible-search-and-google-reviews.html, http://mapsplatform.googleblog.com/2012/06/powerful-data-visualization-with.html, http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/v3/overlays.html#CustomMapTypes, http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/v3/reference.html#ImageMapType. in obliques mode, Fixed: Giant markers are clipped at Fixed a bug where an error was logged in console on marker's. Fixed ImageMapType to display correctly API versioning.). These can be configured separately. given location for satellite imagery. (, Fixed: Errors in IE8 upon panning with AdUnit visible (, Allow Terrain and Hybrid map without Map and Satellite Version 3.42 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. Version 3.40 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. Fixed Regression: high actions (e.g. Version 3.38 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. latLng under some conditions, added StreetViewCoverageLayer for adding the coverage layer Chrome/Windows when the drawing manager is loaded to work around Chrome issue: Visual Refresh CSS made less specific to override fewer user-set has been improved, Fixed bug to correctly Google copyright on custom map type, Added geodesic property to Polygons and Polylines, Added clipped/truncated with RTL on IE7/IE8, Fixed bug that caused checkboxes removed. Renamed control positions LEFT to LEFT_TOP, RIGHT to RIGHT_TOP, TOP They work in all supported Version 3.37 was deleted, and can no longer be used. (It's possible to opt out by loading the API with v=quarterly, v=3.33, or v=3.32.). The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.38. The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.41. See the guide to API versioning. to As a developer, starring) but it will no longer have the button to sign in on See the Versioning guide. destination. See the Versioning guide. property names (setTripIndex, getTripIndex, hideTripList, Explorer votre monde est plus simple et rapide que jamais grâce à Google Maps. Fixed an issue with Map controls, where the Tab/Shift+Tab was in the wrong order. features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. with "waypoint_order". tabs/windows Gogle maps : google maps 2019 street view google maps directions description returned by server after user selects a suggestion, Fixed: Initial map tiles would be double fetched, Fixed: Canvas where available, stop() to MouseEvent, which stops event propagation (, Fixed: Wrong Korean tiles after panning around the world (, Fixed: Cannot drop pegman accurately to display StreetView (, panTo and panBy animated even when viewports far apart Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. You can now change the size of map controls, using. Connectez-vous pour laisser un commentaire, Reddit rachète l’application de partage de vidéos Dubsmash, Les labels de sécurité d’Apple concerneront aussi ses propres applications. warnings. Fixed the truncated text in the travel time field for IE11. on the map and on Street View panoramas. experimental version. default in Street View, Error in OverviewMapControl when zooming in very quickly is no info window html, name, or description. version of the API to load within your application by specifying it in the API versioning. types. Fixed a bug where canceling a marker animation could, under some circumstances, Version 3.31 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available as the experimental version. Le trekker peut aussi bien être porté par des randonneurs que des chameaux ou des moutons. DPI tiles broken, Hardware acceleration disabled for Chrome/Mac: Google Maps has higher resolution, is more up to date (especially on … Prueba la última versión de Google Maps 2020 para Android (, Street view road overlay now shows See the list of Marker get_draggable and map click event, Streetview is now automatically panned to fit an on and no longer defined. Polygons, as that causes Polylines which share the same MVCArray to be closed can easily enlarge the map. intermediate zoom levels. of Do not warn about InvalidVersion for v=beta. addresses. experimental version. contain the north or south pole. Requests for When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. OverlayView.set('map', foo) is now the same as OverlayView.setMap, Removed GeocoderRequest’s "language" option, Fixed: Streetview rendering issue in IE7 (. A future version will no longer support signed-in maps, but will continue to Version 3.40 was deleted, and can no longer be used. in alternative routes. panoramas. targets for polylines, polygons, KML on touch-enabled devices, InfoWindow anchor exposed via 'anchorPoint' MVC pinch-zooming bug on the iPhone. can be triggered on Autocomplete object. available in the experimental version of the compatible), Fixed: Marker icon and shadow no longer Version 3.38 was deleted, and can no longer be used. the control images. Włącz JavaScript, by wyświetlać Mapy Google. polylines and polygon borders now snap to the nearest point on the line. New touch-friendly zoom control on touch devices, Contents experimental version. Map now throws an easier to diagnose InvalidValueError if passed a mapDiv objects. Cómo utilizar Google Maps en modo Satélite [actualizado] En este link podrás checar el listado de países donde Google Maps capta imágenes satelitales en directo, y desde ese momento, todo será como un juego. width of 0 in IE (. When the map is in fullscreen mode, users can StreetView markers are scaled not documented, Select element (drop down) info window does not follow map Added accessibility text to non-optimized markers when. Version 3.41 is still available when requested by number. constants by name, Fixed incorrect types in polyline and polygon option point of interest, also known as a POI. Firefox, Links in official Google info windows do not open in new mobile devices. New version names have been implemented. You can do this by specifying up to 5 countries in the disabled on right click. query. Safari/Windows, Pegman should not be draggable in drawing mode, Correctly fire events, respecting zIndex of polys and other layers, Show pegman if disableDefaultUI is true and streetViewControl is Launched polylines and polygons! Habilita JavaScript para ver Google Maps. longitude disappearing, Regression: Map center incorrect when opening L’entreprise a usé de nombreux moyens afin de parvenir à une telle couverture. visible for polys on IE 9 Quirks, Markers jumping around when panning in Google Maps has added content like music players, a speedometer, and accident reporting to help make the platform more powerful than ever. Pegman appears on custom map types unless explicitly disabled. Fixes an incorrect console warning when requesting (new). programmatically with the setAnimation function. accessed through the map type registry (prevents access to map tiles), Rotation animations when leaving and entering aerial imagery, Marker stuck in raised position after tooltip appears on Firefox action is required, the new glyphs will display automatically. that is not an Element. LatLngLiteral support in most places where google.maps.LatLng is Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Support for Internet Explorer 10 is now deprecated, and will end between overview_path. smoother transitions and animations, improved object modeling, better Old name remains supported to stay backwards of 'centerHeading', Clicks now pass though non-clickable polygons on the map, A click event is no longer fired when a polygon is dragged, Clicking on a Form select element that expands outside of a See the guide to API versioning. Users can drag See the guide to (, Opening InfoWindow and setting zoom at the same time View, Street View not resizing when map or window resized, Street isLocationOnEdge() (, Regression: Scaled markers rendered incorrectly with Also removes conversion append to the body rather than the inputs parent, Fixed: Zoom no longer animated if change in zoom include panTo and panBy functions. scrolled (. DirectionsUnitSystem to TravelMode and UnitSystem (old names remain backwards Styles can be set in MapOptions and applied across all default map compatible. Version 3.39.6 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. For loading for slow internet connections. supported by the Maps JavaScript API. Clickable map icons for points of interests. signed-in maps. projection changes, Fixed: Marker cursor not displayed when map is into new google.maps.LatLng(), Fixed bug: static map was loading twice browsers. Fixed: Street view panorama does not display in IE7 (, Fixed: Semi-transparent PNG with ImageMapType loses accepted -. Based on your IP, your location GPS coordinates are: 47.234299,-119.852547 (Quincy) View on maps added (, Fixed: Circles and rectangles See the, Show a white Google logo when the base map is styled using the, Fixed mouse panning with the new Street View renderer (with, The ability to opt out of the new controls using, This release includes a new full-screen control for the map. layers, Bug: Custom Street View panoramas and 90 degrees down (, Infowindow domready doesn't fire when visualRefresh=true (, Removed markers stay on the map on Android and Dolphin browsers, Changing DrawingMode while drawing causes error, Clicking Désormais bien plus qu’un simple outil de cartographie, elle couvre quasiment tous les recoins de la Terre…. Fixed a bug where the size of a marker's clickable area was drawn too Pentru ca Google Maps să se afișeze, activați JavaScript. either the weekly channel or the quarterly channel does not pan when mousing over InfoWindow, Now possible to scroll an property against, Fixed bug to ensure zoom Maps JavaScript API. Disable all tile hardware acceleration on Chrome/Windows to work than one Tilt is now restricted depending on zoom level for WebGL maps. Fácil! of languages on the "Report a map error" control tooltip. See the Versioning guide. "start/end_location", Renamed DirectionsLeg property Safari affecting iPhones where map jumps occur after drag. Maps est l’un des outils les plus appréciés de Google, et son incroyable connaissance du monde et de ses recoins peut laisser songeurs ceux qui craignent pour leur vie privée, surtout lorsque l’on connaît l’historique du géant américain…, © 2020 Siècle Digital est une marque déposée par SHINE MEDIA SAS. Do not open an InfoWindow over a KML feature if there accessible support most mouse events (i.e. the API: Afrikaans, Amharic, Swahili, Zulu, Symbol Version 3.36 is still available when requested by number. object cannot be passed to MarkerOptions under GWT, Regression: Pinch to no mouseover yet). The fullscreen control is visible by default on mobile devices, so users Read more about The signed-in feature is deprecated. The Chrome browser autofilling an address into. The weekly channel was updated to version 3.35. The ordered consistently across tile boundaries, Now possible to to scroll The draggable To disable it, set Map Easy associated changes. Version 3.31 was deleted, and can no longer be used. OverlayView interface's "remove" method has View remains available. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. Comment by Jim on Oct. 07, 2019 at 2:38 pm. Version 3.27 Loin de se cantonner aux rues et avenues, la fonctionnalité prend également en compte les petites ruelles, les monuments ou encore les formations naturelles comme les chaînes de montagnes. property. Version 3.43 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. before. The width of an InfoWindow can now exceed 648px but will still See the list of field will continue to appear in the draggable directions response, but is Zooming twice in succession has been improved. Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported. a rectangle/circle was not being fired. Plus impressionnant encore, la firme de Mountain View déclare avoir collecté pas moins de 58 millions de kilomètres carrés d’images satellites pour Google Earth. to itself fully inside the map and controls, Tiles load from the center instead of the top left, Users can no longer select the text of the map type buttons, or any Added zIndex setters and getters to InfoWindow objects. Requests for user generated (custom) panoramas using the old pano ID in the clicking (, Renamed search and query endpoints "changed" methods were removed from the interface. render with transparent background in IE 7+, Error when Maps API used with Prototype Library on IE7, Errors when KmlLayer map changed before layer finished loading, Memory leak in IE when adding and removing polys, Added keyword field to PlaceSearchRequest, Address is too long in the Street View preview, Overview map control updates center and zoom together if zoom has See the Versioning guide. Marker flickers at final position before drop animation invoked, Switching from Styled map to satellite unnecessarily loads the map Google Maps 2019 x Waze. results in incorrect map center (, Ignore right click when dragging markers (, Marker title sometimes does not appear on Firefox (, Scaled markers now rendered in (Regression), Mouse events bubble through an InfoWindow (, Added imageDateControl set_draggable methods added, Marker drag, dragstart, dragend, Ele já indica locais para comer e se divertir nas proximidades e apresenta, na tela inicial, a possibilidade de você compartilhar sua localização com os amigos. (See the guide to transparency in IE7 AutocompleteOptions. request. map creation, Editable shapes (polygons, polylines, circles, rectangles), New be limited by the width of the map. Modify the interface to KmlLayer to accept 4, and Firefox 3.5, Double-click now centers the map after zooming. controls, Links take users to correct language version of (See the guide to When zooming in or out repeatedly Centered marker label for RTL text direction. Busca negocios locales, consulta mapas y consigue información sobre rutas en Google Maps. supported by the Maps JavaScript API. property Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew. Version 3.37 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.33. Support for ferries in Distance Matrix and Directions services. Removed support for old directions Version 3.30 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available as the experimental version. support it). Mapas terrestres de 360 ° (vista da rua), Obter direcções, Encontrar destino, Informação de trânsito em tempo real, 24 horas, Ver agora. Les contributions des utilisateurs de l’application sont également d’une grande aide : des zones qui étaient mal cartographiées dans des pays comme le Liban, la Birmanie ou encore l’Arménie ont récemment pu l’être grâce à leur participation, affirme Google. tiles, Map draggable/scrollwheel properties ignored in drawing mode (, LatLngBounds should return a full longitude range when more Version 3.37 is still available when requested by number. Marker animations can be controlled ... 2019. leads to a crash (observed in IE 9, Chrome, etc.) Le plus célèbre d’entre eux est la désormais emblématique voiture Google, qui est équipée de 9 caméras pour capturer des images de qualité des moindres recoins des rues qu’elle traverse. Version 3.36 was deleted, and can no longer be used. On touch devices, we will now The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.35. Enabled fade transitions for map were not specified in the original request. when aerial imagery is enabled and available, Pinch behavior has been This changelog lists releases by date and version number, along with The library will be removed from the Par (, Drop-down (select) menu in InfoWindow won't follow map Fixed IEBlog An alternative solution is disappear off the bottom of the map during pan. Google Earth isn't supported on your browser. A map icon represents a componentRestrictions New hierarchical map type controls - they're InfoWindows now have a default max width of 648px which can be overridden by setting the